About Us

About Us

tincatcafe is owned by the Claire, David, Ruby & Lainey Graham. Welcome to our house.


The tincatcafe is still enjoying the "new look" embracing the bespoke more than ever.


small details like espresso served in 50s british army issue cups and reclaimed lights, peek from behind very serious food, wine and coffee.

tincatcafe continues a Graham family tradition of hospitality having been bought with an inheritance from the Leahy family hotels.


It continues in no small part as a tribute to the fabulous Louise and Gay Gay having taught their sons and grandsons respectively the bones of the hotel business... 


It is also a tribute to Claire's family whose mother, Elaine Newby (nee Bond) always could stretch the evening meal to include one or two more friends for her brood of seven. And reflects a certain familial tendency to the culinary, as Papa Bond was a chef at Royal Naval House, Sydney; and Nana Bond was a patisserie chef.


It is with pride that we present our food, restaurant & gallery to you.


Please join us soon.

Tin Cat Cafe Restaurant and Gallery in Kent Town - book online from yumtable
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